5 Tips on Creating an Effective Blog

Like other forms of writing, blogging is beneficial if its content informs and inspires the reader to do some action. Blogs can be of many types. It can be severe and straightforward, humorous and pointless. Regardless of what your writing style may be, it is essential to follow some tips for blogging to help you become an active blogger.

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Blogging is like journalism, and it needs to have a good headline. Most readers refuse to read blogs that don’t have an attractive and attention-grabbing headline. A compelling headline for your blog will promise your readers with some payoff. For a headline to entice readers, it should guarantee a reward or benefit. It should also be able to awaken the curiosity of the reader.


Because of copyright issues, many blogs do not use images or photos, and this makes the first paragraph of the blog you are writing even more important. The opening section of your blog must give a solid verbal demonstration of what the title has told the reader. If it has copyright permissions, on the other hand, the picture accompanying your blog can lend credibility of what your title promises. A good opening paragraph coupled with a photo will inevitably pull the reader into your blog entry.


Online readers are known for not reading articles online including blogs thoroughly. These readers only skim through the blog entry, reading those lines of text that catch their attention. For this reason, it is essential for your blog entries to have content that can detect the eye of the reader. There are several ways to do this including the use of bullet points, subheadings, bolded texts, tables, and short paragraphs. These elements must contain essential details to your reader. It is also ideal to keep the entry short as this will increase the chances of it being read.


If you want your blog to motivate the reader to do some kind of action such as to subscribe to your blog or purchase the product or services you offer, you will have to follow a logical path illustrating the point of your post. That means you should stay on topic, use proof and evidence supporting your point of view and most importantly, do not ramble. By doing so, you will increase the chances of reader sympathizing with your position although they may not agree entirely with you.


It would also help to know and be familiar with your audience to create an active blog. For instance, if you are targeting stay at home moms, you should write about how they can make the most of their time while they are at home. You can even share some money making tips for them. In no time, you will have more readers in your blog, checking out new tips you can give or share them.